My name is Aria Irisabeth Hargreeves, but people usually just call me Iris or Iyis. Feel free to come up with any nicknames for me though. I’m an ENTP! A virgo sun, sagi moon, and taurus rising. (Gonna say my venus which is libra as well bcs libra venus is one of my flex). I go by she/her as my pronouns anyways. My timezone is GMT+8, TPE standard time in case you’re wondering.

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aug 24 2021 +

This is kinda my safe place, so please do not follow me first unless we have agreed to exchange cyber. I do lots of shit-posting so if you’re uncomfortable you can block unblock me. I’m kinda afraid of cats so pls give me tw for it.. And that’s it I guess! :0

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You might know me from:

  • thechoiyerim
  • Wintercarols
  • Chaerescent
  • katgyeosang
  • zhongcheenIe

My current RP accounts:

  • _gyeoulie
  • Elucyane
nov 8 2020 ∞
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