• The ones you gotta read
  • Shoujo
    • Hirunaka no Ryuusei: really nice atmosphere, one of my faves
    • Dengeki Daisy: it has some mystery and thriller related to hackers, but it's still a shoujo
    • Taiyou no Ie: domestic and fluffy, great read
    • Love So Life: similar feel to Taiyou, but waaat more domestic. Deals with the issues of raising small children that aren't yours.
    • Strobe Edge: your typical shoujo, but really good nonetheless
    • Ao Haru Ride: similar to Strobe, but way more filled with drama
  • Shounen Ai/Yaoi

Sorry that I only read those genres hahaha, but I have more variety in the anime I watch.



The Ghibli ones (están en orden de mis favoritas a las que menos me gustan)

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