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  • why we broke up
  • the beginning of everything - robyn schneider
  • to all the boys i've loved before
  • falling into place - amy zhang ✰
  • the geography of you and me - jeniffer e. smith
  • say what you will - cammie mcgovern
feb 14 2016 ∞
feb 14 2016 +
  • we met on wattpad (out of all the places)
  • her never ending fangirling about seventeen and meanie
  • when we send each other au's about meanie or ha joon and kim yeol
  • when she lets me fangirl to her about got7 and ikon even though i know she wont stan them too hard (she's a dedicated seventeen stan)
  • her letter to me made me cry
  • she gave me got7's MAD album + photobook.. honestly.. what did i do to deserve her
  • when i was gone for 4 days and she sent me heart felt messages and i broke down because i love her so much
  • how she always knows how to make me smile and laugh
  • how even though she's so soft and always shows how happy she is, she can come to m...
jan 25 2016 ∞
feb 29 2016 +
  • little a
  • #DoubleA
  • she's always drowning me in ikon memes ( no mercy )
  • she drags me 25/8 (literally. someone save me)
  • she always makes me laugh and knows what to say to make me smile
  • she thinks i'm funny (sometimes i don't believe her)
  • her cute nose
  • her love for jinhwan is so soft
  • she introduced me to iKON and introduced me to my boyfriend Kim Hanbin (seriously, thank u for this)
  • her drawings are so cute and she's so talented in the art department
  • she drags me for my rated r messages but i know she still loves me
jan 25 2016 ∞
feb 29 2016 +