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ori (or-ee) ♡ 24( (1995) ♡ PhlegmaticISFP


i like got7, my cats soffy, susu and seta (rest in peace angel 190115), lim jaebeom and video games

i do retweet a lot but i do tweet a decent amount. there will also be times where i dont tweet at all and be mia. pls talk to me im not scawy

may 30 2019 ∞
may 30 2019 +

Before You Follow

  • if you don't like got7/anti jaebeom, don't follow me
  • don't follow if you're under 18
  • i post about my personal life sometimes, sorry
  • i also tweet about other stuff i like, not only just GOT7
  • i don't really like BTS so if you post a lot about BTS i won't follow back.
  • if you're going to unfollow, be decent enough to soft block me because i am not going to keep following you if you unfollow me
may 30 2019 ∞
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  • anilist <--- pls refer to this about what anime im watching/i like
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    • personal (if we talk often you may ask for it)
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