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  • a congregation of butterflies by fiathe
    • r ; one-shot ; 10.3k → With every failure, Yoongi cuts a little deeper.
  • a thief of your heart by fiathe
    • pg-13 ; three-shot ; 21.5k → Jimin is a novice pickpocket in the streets of Hongdae. Yoongi is his target.
  • bite me by xglimsex
    • nc-17 ; one-shot ; 5k → In which Yoongi is a stay-at-home producer and his new neighbor is a vampire working as a nurse who runs a blood donation center.
  • child i will hurt you by arianki
    • r ; one-shot ; 2.2k → “I love you like the sun loves the moon and the stars love the night sky and my lungs love air.”
  • ghostly by fiathe
    • r ; three-shot; 42.3k ; +namjin → Where the wind blows, Yoongi goes. “How much longer do you two think you can play pretend?”
  • heroes, we come in all shapes and sizes by fiathe
    • pg-13 ; three-shot ; 50.9k → “Hello. I am Jimin. Your personal healthcare companion.” This may be San Seoul-Sokyo, hub of all things technological, but Yoongi has definitely not met a robot of this kind before, and he's not sure he really wants to.
  • kiss, kiss by xglimpsex
    • r ; one-shot ; 2.8k → “Could you teach me how to kiss?”
  • (let's be) alone together by softblooded
    • pg-13 ; one-shot ; 3.8k → Here are four ways this could have gone (and one way it did).
  • mushroom clouds by pollutedlungs
    • pg-13 ; one-shot ; 4.2k → Jimin has never really been all that good at basketball.
    • ↳ sequel: saturday afternoons
  • on and off the leash, i'm a beast by fearnoworld
    • pg ; one-shot ; 6.9k → As soon as the show comes on, and Jimin is about to drift to sleep, Yoongi jumps off and walks away. That’s fine until Jimin thinks about it and chases after him, catching him right before he’s about to enter the bedroom. “No peeing on people’s things.”
  • plastic stars by busan_brat
    • pg-13 ; one-shot ; 7.1k → Not all boys were meant to grow up. Jimin was one of them.
  • put it on by xglimpsex
  • saturn rings by pollutedlungs
    • pg-13 ; one-shot ; 4k → Jimin had a lot of questions at the beginning, after Yoongi first told him.
  • switch it up by lazychaoz
    • nc-17 ; one-shot ; 2.8k → Jimin tops.
  • the light that shines by bubblet-ea
    • pg ; one-shot ; 3.4k → The first thing that Yoongi registers is the pungent smell of alcohol and bleach burning through his nose.
  • white balance by sasireun
    • pg ; one-shot ; 7k → Yoongi brings his camera along to the event without thinking much about it, but Jimin really is too cute to resist photographing.
  • why are you shaking up my heart? by fearnoworld
    • pg ; three-shot ; 23.5k ; +vhope → It has only been a week since moving in.
  • 어둠 속을 밝혀줘 by sungmin


  • glitter and gore by busan_brat
    • pg-13 ; one-shot ; 5.7k → Jungkook is a falling star, Jimin is a broken one and love is a complicated conceit.
  • home by kiwi_ism
    • pg-13 ; three-shot ; 20.4k ; +taejin +yoonseok → One day Jimin and Yoongi come across an abandoned wolf in the woods.
  • my friends never die by hopeworld
    • r ; one-shot ; 10.2k → Jeongguk was a prophet- not the haggard, robed kind of religious texts and fantasy worlds, but the kind that belonged to the modern age; the weary kind, with messy, neglected hair and dark undereye circles from staying awake for days on end, symbols and imagery swirling around his mind like a brewing storm cloud, and he knew he was about to erupt.
  • myself; yourself by kiwi_ism
    • pg-13 ; four-shot ; 34k ; +taejin → The story of jungkook’s life, family, and friends.
  • stand by me by merixcil
    • nc-17 ; one-shot ; 6.7k → Jimin and Jungkook start out rooming together for practical purposes and soon discover the full benefits of having each other around.
  • the ocean at the end of the universe by mindheist
    • nc-17 ; one-shot ; 13.2k → It’s hard to find just one person in a sea of stars.
  • there’s no middle ground, but i can do without by causeitsred
    • pg ; one-shot ; 5.2k → Jimin crushes on the new vocalist and deals with it really stupidly.
  • undressed and oversexed by gangbang and shywall
    • nc-17 ; wip → Jungkook just needs the money. It’s kind of unfortunate Jimin happens to be the pornstar he's jacked off to for the past three years.
  • you’re my genie, lamborghini by mindheist
    • nc-17 ; one-shot ; 7.8k → You know those people who say technology is driving people apart? Yeah, fuck them.

other pairings

multiple pairings

  • royals by busan_brat
    • nc-17 ; 13 chapters ; +yoonmin +jikook +vhope +namjin → First kill is an irrational mistake made of trembling fingers, sweaty palms and regret, maybe even guilt.
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