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I think it's important for you to know that you're valid and valued.
I hope you'll have a bright day filled with things to be thankful for.
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  • "시간과 함께 우린 닮아가

결국에 하나가 될 우릴 봐"

    • We are resembling each other with time. In the end, we’ll become one

If I

  • "그때 그 손을 놓지 않았다면

아직 서로를 잡고 있을까"

    • If I didn’t let go of your hand then would we be still holding on to each other still?

Don't wanna cry

  • "너 하나만 아끼던 날 두고서 어디 간 거니

내가 싫어 어어 져서 멀리 간 거니...

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apr 29 2018 +

Hi Seventeen,

Happy 3rd year.

How exciting right? To see how far you've come, to see all that you've achieved, and to see that the road ahead is so so bright. Thank you for showing me what heart is, what working together as a team truly means. Watching the 13 of you, be it off or on stage, has become a daily thing and I almost forgot what it was like before I let the 13 of you into my life (as cheesy as that sounds). This team reminded me of something that I thought ceased to exist, or rather, forgot.

Thank you for leading me to the pals that I met on twitter. The people who I began to hold very close to my heart, even closer than the people I meet in real life.

Also, thank you for loving your craft, for building your work with so much heartwork and hardwork. I think that's one of the biggest reasons why I have so much admi...

may 26 2018 ∞
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