• PLEASE don't follow if you're not 13+ yet
  • cw: frequent swearing, (drawn) blood and/or violence
  • use of my art is fine with permission + credits , but please don't repost them
  • i'm not active on any other sites besides instagram and occasionally discord
jan 14 2023 ∞
feb 10 2023 +

hi. i'm sido. he/him

  • this is my account solely for the music freaks, mostly fanart & the occasional shitpost
  • i am a very shy person + timezone things, so i apologize if i don't reply immediately (T__T)

extra info:

  • i roll with anything, but i have a very obvious bias towards the jomies + sadie. i talk about them the most, especially on my story.
  • fav ships: drew/jake, henry/liam (/sadie), hailey/daisy + etc.
  • other things i like: mob psycho 100, skip & loafer, rock music
jan 12 2023 ∞
jan 16 2023 +