• "fighting should be done with fists"
    • "look, overly sticky sweet dumplings are not real dumplings, you idiot!"
    • "people who make good first impressions usually suck"
    • "you only gotta wash under your armpits - just the armpits"
    • "when you're in a fix, keep on laughing, laughing..."
    • "cute faces are always hiding something"
    • "don't be shy - just raise your hand and say it"
    • "good things never come in twos (but bad things do)"
    • "people with dark pasts can't shut up"
    • "eating ice cream in winter is awesome"
    • "do cherries come from cherry trees?"
    • "dango over flowers"
    • "too many cuties can make you sick"
    • "people who are picky about food are also...
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