• Bejeweled
    • Was more addicted to this when I played it on my iPhone but it's a good game, possibly not free but my memory fails me
  • Blocks
    • So many different versions of this old school game made by the same people - finished them within a couple of days, I personally love this game
  • LineUp 2
    • Never played a LineUp 1 but this is a pretty good game
  • Temple Run
    • I have never found a game so addictive (my high score of 10.7 million proves this. It's free, and the best game I've played on my phone
  • WordSeek Free
    • I think there's a paid version of this too (which is probably better) but I find this game fairly addictive


  • ActionShot
    • Haven't used this one yet but it allows you to take photos of a moving object (eg car/skater) and have many images of that object against the same background, looks pretty good
  • Instacollage
    • Good selection of less basic photocollages
  • Instaeditor
    • I use this personally because it's the only reliable app I've found which puts text on your photos (I use it for my YouTube videos), all others either crashed or weren't versatile enough
  • Panorama
    • Easy way of getting out of buying an iPhone 5 for its panorama feature - this takes decent panoramic pictures from 3ish photos
  • PhotoJus
    • Haven't used this one a lot but it has some nice bokeh effects
  • Pic Collage
    • Allows you to make a collage of photos but not abiding to a particular frame
  • PicFrame
    • One of many identical apps, but this one's free and has a decent range of different montage settings for photos and good for those with instagram
  • Picfx
    • Large number of interesting effects (I don't like stupid ones and this app doesn't have many) which can be layered and, again, good for instagram
  • TimerCam
    • Good as the regular camera doesn't come with a timer

Social media

  • Facebook
    • I wish this ran a bit quicker but I'm not going to knock a website I spend so much time on haha
  • Instagram
    • An awesome new social media app/site (it is expanding into apps for other systems and can be used on their new website)
  • Listography
    • If you're here then you know how good this site is ;) Simplified version of the site with all the necessary features
  • Shuttercal
    • I've used their website since mid 2011 for my 365 project and have been going ever since - even easier to upload photos, especially if they're on your iPhone, with their app
  • Twitter
    • Decent app :)


  • Calendar+
    • I had a serious problem with the integrated calendar as you can't see a whole month/a large number of days at once. This one is easy to organise and view and I love it
  • MyFitnessPal
    • I've used this on and off but I get lazy with it - awesome for counting calories and tracking exercise - it has a great barcode scanning feature as well which saves time
  • National Rail
    • Not especially useful for people outside the UK, but for those here, this is a great app for looking up train times/routes which is helpful for people who take the train all the time (such as me)
  • Remote
    • Good for lazy people who can't be bothered to use the keyboard to navigate around iTunes
  • Scotty
    • Wirelessly uploads things from your phone to computer - £2.99 but worth it
  • Tube map
    • Really good map with updates for each line - perfect for commuters like me
  • Wunderlist
    • This should appeal to a lot of Listography's users - this app is perfect for making checklists and lists in general although it's not set up as a social network but is still a great app for those who write lists for the sake of it
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