i've had people ask me for recommendations for otome games in the past, but it's a much longer convo than you might think! there are 3 main types of otome games, and some games that don't fit into those categories at all.

the three main types are as follows (with names i just made up): event driven , one-time plot driven , and skill driven . of course, i'll go into detail on each and give some examples. :)

event driven games :

  • these games are only found as mobile apps, and, as such, are the most successful type of otome games for the mobile market.
  • the focus around a plotline of a suitor that you choose at the beginning, and your conversation choices lead up to which ending (of usually 2 or 3) you get.
    • there are no branched off bad endings.
    • throughout the route, it makes you aware ...
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