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these are all the amazing fics that ive read <3

mainly taekook!!

(my descriptions are a mess. i just put the first thing/s i have in mind of what the fic reminds me the most).

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Read everything. They're all good. I swear.

dec 31 2016 ∞
apr 12 2017 +

the 2nd part of my list, apparently.

  • Life Is A Grave {And I Dig It} | this fic is kinda underrated, THIS FIC IS HOLY SHIT THIS FIC IS AMAZING WONDERFUL BEAUTIFUL, i might be exaggerating but the plot is 10/10, i rlly liked it, a good read, unfinished tho cRIES PLS UPDATE, taehyung sees ghosts, crack, mystery
  • there goes the carousel | this is actually yoonmin lmao idk why i put it here, fluff fluff fluff, drabble, theme parks
  • Too Hot {Hot Damn} | romantic comedy, crack, tae burns his apartment, jk is a firefighter, fluff, sexual tension, tae writes erotic novels
  • same old mistakes | fluff, pet names, tae wants to call kook cute names
  • hunger of the pine | SPY AU, violence, jk gets shot, jk has a fat crush on taehyung, shy kook
  • a question of luck | not again a tk fic, yoonseok one, hoseok has insomnia, yoongi is a youtuber, coffees, crushes, fluff
  • pulling shapes just for your eyes | reality show AU, producer taehyung, ba...
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