• everyone hits on jin even tho he's dating jungkook
  • cannon fic (10k)
    • jungkook pov - from trainee to current
  • disbandment fic (30k+)
  • secret garden au
  • date collection (let's love all night)
  • designer jungkook & model seokjin
  • ceo jin of ent company meets singer jk on a cruise
  • w au
  • we got married au
  • fake dating - jk agrees to fake date jin to ward of all his suitors
  • let's eat au - jin as blogger and jungkook is his neighbor
  • jinkook/vmin/sope
    • namjoon keeps walking on their pda
    • "namjoon hates his life"
  • jk writes jin a song
  • sleepy baby jungkook
  • photographer yoongi in love with seokjin who's dating jungkook
  • jungkook visits seokjin's house for seollal
  • taejin post-breakup where tae falls in love with jungkook who's secretly dating seokjin
    • dated in secret but broke up of differences in compatibility and tae wanted to be more public but jin wanted to hide
  • jinkook keep running into each other in different cities and fall in love
  • jinkook band/rockstar au
  • accidental sugar daddy
    • seokjin spoils jungkook without either realizing
  • jungkook idolizes seokjin and joins his agency
  • jin takes over big hit/destroys bpd with support of jungkook
  • epilogue
  • wedding
  • rival singers
    • global superstar seokjin & rookie jungkook
  • seokjin jealous of everyone fawning over kook
  • https://twitter.com/P_P_ing/status/1071123025729208320
  • fwb
    • seokjin goes to jungkook to relieve tension/stress


  • taehyung likes kissing jin
  • rival actors


  • beach date
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