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I was browsing videos on YouTube when I came across 90s Playlist filled with BOYBAND VIDEOS. Shucks.

In no order of importance. Really.

  • Backstreet Boys
    • OMG. My sisters and I watched their "reunion" concert in 2006. It was magic. I felt like I was transported back to grade five.
    • My favorite boyband. EVER.
  • Boyzone
    • I would like to buy their Said and Done album just for old times sake but NO LUCK at all.
    • I have their "new" album, which contains only 3 new songs. I feel cheated.
  • Take That
    • Haven't listened to their new songs.
    • I have all of their albums, pre-reunion.
  • 5ive (or Five?)
    • I only have one album of theirs and only ended up liking one song.. Until the Time is Through
    • Not really a fan of them.
  • Code Red
    • So I'm not really a huge fan, but my sister has a cd of their album. Gawd.
  • 98 Degrees
    • Very catchy songs. Don't like them, though.
  • LFO
    • Stupid, pointless lyrics (Shooby-do-wop and scooby snacks wut) but really catchy songs. I really liked Girl on TV and Summer Girls!!
  • 911
    • Cute boyband. I have their first album but I misplaced the cd somewhere...
  • Bed and Breakfast
    • Does anyone still remember them? German boyband? If You Were Mine was a super catchy song. I came across the video yesterday on YouTube. And they looked pretty... playful.
  • A1
    • They were more 2000-ish and not really 90s but I did like one song of theirs... the song title escapes me right now.
  • OTT
    • Crap boyband, I think. I only liked one song, Story of Love!
  • And and Dec
    • Ok so they're a duo but they were pretty boyband-ish. Falling is a favorite of mine.
  • Human Nature
    • Never liked one song. Tellin' Everybody sorta kinda.
  • O-Town
    • Eww.
  • BBMak
    • I think I finally realized I was too old for boybands when this band arrived. Don't know much of their songs.
    • Ew. Pop and I Drive Myself Crazy were the only songs I could stand to listen to. BSB fan all the way.
  • Take Five
    • Only knew one song, don't care about them at all.
  • New Kids On The Block
    • Not my generation so didn't care much for them.
  • Westlife
    • What a cheesy boyband. I only liked one song, I think. If I Let You Go. Good for karaoke :)
  • East 17
    • The lead singer is sort of cute. But I don't really like the group.
    • How could I have forgotten about HANSON!??! Anyway, my first impression was "Wow, these girls sure know how to rock..." then I realized they were guys. :o My sister has their 3rd? Or 4th? album and I really liked the songs. They really matured from their MMMBop days. "If Only".. I think is the song title.
  • The Moffatts
    • Since Ally kindly reminded me of Hanson, I remembered Hanson's sort of "rival group" (not sure!), The Moffatts! Cheesy songs. They didn't grow up as hot as the Hansons. "Bang Bang Boom" lol.

Have I missed anything? :D

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sep 4 2009 +
user picture a: You forgot Hanson! :O sep 4 2009
user picture That Girl: Hanson!!! Yes! I think I was focusing on boybands with ~synchronized choreography. Thanks! :)