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when i've shown you that i just don't care,
when i'm throwing punches in the air.
when i've broken down and i can't stand,
would you be man enough to be my man?

listography NEW JOURNAL
  • i sing in the shower
    • and dance dance dance. more like having a concert.
  • i love colored pens
  • i enjoy scrapbooking
    • online or not.
  • my supposed to be school bag is more like a big kikay kit.
  • i am too paranoid
  • i worry too much when valentines is coming
  • i love surprises
  • i adore pigs
    • monokuro boo, piglet, etc.
  • i love karaoke.
    • just found out about this online karaoke and i love it!
jan 31 2009 ∞
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