'lit' series

  • sunlit (teen) by deuxoiseaux
      • 1k, alternate universe, fluff, slice of life
  • starlit (teen)
      • 3k, alternate universe, fluff, slice of life

hurricane (teen) by busan_brat

    • 1k, alternate universe, light angst

i just know you got to taste like candy (teen) by umji

    • 1k, alternate universe, secret relationship, kissing, underage drinking, friends to lovers
feb 6 2017 ∞
apr 27 2018 +

these are bottom namjoon fics only, please mind the tags.

code of conduct (20k) by eclairdeluxe

    • pairing vmon
    • tags edging

peaches and cream (8k) by wendywrites

    • pairing namkook
    • tags ABO, omega namjoon, mating cycles/in heat, lactation kink, first time

everything is not what it seems (4k) by colormewiththestars

    • pairing namseok
    • tags wet dreams, butt plugs

color? (18k) by pornographicpenguin

    • pairing minjoon
sep 20 2018 ∞
sep 20 2018 +