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zhai. 23. infp. pisces. hufflepuff.


    • a cat person, I love foxes, raccoons and giraffes too, I personally don't like bees, I'm a bit allergic to them (actually i'm alergic of a lot of things, my life sucks) but if they are away from me I find them so beautiful.
    • a huge fan of selena gomez, and 5 seconds of summer, they are the only things that really hold me back in the western musical universe btw, I mean, I occasionally listen others artists but im still a fan only of them.
    • I feel I have the obligation to say that luke hemmings is still the fucking love of my life, I even have a tattoo for him (oh yesss no shame) that love cant be erased.
    • In real life I may look a bit intimidating(?) bc I always look serious but im actually just a smol and inoffensive bean like If you yell at me I'll probably cry (not really bc I refuse to cry in front of others but my eyes will fill with tears).
    • I may be smol and seem to be 13 years old but i can be really angry!!!(ง'̀-'́)ง ~think of that meme of the little duck with the plastic knife~
    • I may look serious most of the time but this is just a kind of self defense, you can easily make me laugh.
    • however, I have the most scandalous laugh ever, this is so loud and embarrassing like why am I like this.
    • I make jokes eVeRyTiMe and about everything, I can´t stop my life is already a joke
    • I like to change my hair a lot, everythime I have a existential crisis I change something but I only change a few wicks or my mom kills me.
    • I'm a real cry baby ╥﹏╥ I cry for EVERYTHING, as I said I refuse to cry in front of others but... I'm so sensitive and sometimes is very hard to hold my tears and they fall along with my dignity.
    • I love to draw, even if im very bad at it, my drawings are terrible and I really believe I have no talent at all, but ┐(‘~` )┌ maybe I post some shit someday.
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