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Hello! Welcome to JIKOOKDAILY's listography. Here, you'll know more about the admins. We will also recommend you great JiKook fics that we've read or written. Thank you for visiting our listography.

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  • Brave
    • Description : Jimin was an ordinary, bubbly teenager that spent his days with his loving family and idiot friends. Jungkook was a mute, his life being the complete opposite to Jimin's. What happens when their worlds collide? Will Jimin help Jungkook? Or will he just be another addition to Jungkook's list of disappointments?
  • Little Room In These Shoes
    • Description:
    • Rated: G(Fluff; Comedy; Sliceoflife

"A. i don't like you. B. You're annoying. C. Leave me alone." "Hey, i know you don't like me but at least give me some kind of attention other than trying to throw me under a bus every time i walk up to you." "do you know how hard it is to chase after you?" "do you know how hard it is t...

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  • No Time for Love
    • rated : E (for fun, angsty and one sided!yoonmin)
    • description : "He frowns and vows to never let the same thing, to let love, happen to him. God forbid he be broken like that over another human being."
  • you're my keeper
    • rated : r for major character death; smutty; graphic depictions of violence; warnings for depressing situations; bad family relationships; illness, medical procedures etc)
    • description : Jimin and Jungkook are brothers not by blood but by relation. Stepbrothers, in fact. Both of them live with their one and only mom Jin, unfortunately she prefers one brother over the other one. When her ...
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