about this account

  • do not screenshot any of my tweets
  • dm me on main before requesting for priv
  • i will not put any type of tw, cw or tags in my tweets, unless someone specifically asks for it (if possible keep it low or just don't follow)
  • i vaguetweet here
  • i frequently tweet yume here (with mitsuru + chisato)
  • i tweet about suicidal and wanting to die but no need to comfort me with those tweets, a like is enough
  • if i am on the edge of doing so, i'll let you guys know
  • i frequently tweet and rt nsfw here untagged

discomforts i have

    • scaramona
    • midoshino
    • chiakana

please do not rt any art of them alone or suggesting romantic/sexual art of them. if tweeting about them, please tag.

things i'm going to tag

    • transphobia (including arashi discourse)
    • izumako
    • overdose
apr 26 2021 ∞
jun 7 2021 +