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just a handy compilation of all the JINHWI-CENTRIC fics i've read, will be updated frequently (:

i must emphasize that these are my personal preferences (so please don't take the "ratings" too seriously or to heart); ♡ - Yup! || ♡♡ - Read!! || ♡♡♡ - Please Read!!! || ♡♡♡♡ - probably left me flopping, MUST READ!!!!


Ongoing (the number of ♡ may increase as the story progresses, it's hard to critic when the story's half-done... my apologies ;~;)

Jinhwi Fic Fest (round 1) @jinhwificfest (twt)

Jinhwi Fic Fest (round 2) @jinhwificfest (twt)

DeepHwaltz Fic Fest @deephwaltz (twt)

  • Pending (to be updated once the fics are officially uploaded)

Tweetfics/short AUs 10/10 would recommend if you don’t have time or need a quick jinhwi fix

i hope this is relevant….? weeps i just thought that these should be listed too bc some are really too cute to be passed!!!! do let me know if you come across any on twitter! oh but please please please dont steal the au plots and take it to use on another platform if it’s not yours...













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    • @TMN_LDH this was one of the few things i looked forward to when it first started but it’s no longer active so :-( || interactive tweet fic
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user picture talista: feel free to let me know of new fics or fics that i've missed out! i'll be happy to read and include them :-) aug 26 2017
user picture Perry: Thank you so much for making this! I tried to google search some but there seems to be a limited number of jinhwi fics ;~; sep 2 2017
user picture talista: It's my pleasure to do so, I'm glad this helped a fellow jinhwi stan!!! hehe! @jinhwificfest (on twitter) is currently doing a fic fest so I'm sure the number of jinhwi fics will continue to grow, no worries! do check @jinhwificfest out and I'll also be including those fics in this listography once they're published!