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  • Parker Frontier in black
    • backup pen for the bar.
  • Parker Frontier in purple
    • primary pen for the bar. this one wrote smoother than the black.
  • Parker Vector
    • cheap and scratchy. for everyday use.
  • Waterman Phileas
    • hand me down from dad. my favorite fountain pen. wet and bold. writes like butter.
  • Lamy Studio
    • gift from dad that i didn't end up using much. skips a lot.
  • Pilot Varsity
    • ordered a box of twelve that is now almost depleted. gave many of them away to spread the fountain pen love.
  • Montblanc Meisterstuck ballpoint
    • hand me down from dad. used a felt tip filler with it. writes amazing. it gets lots of compliments from people who aren't comfortable with fountain pens enough yet.
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