nobody ever sets out with the intention of average. no one plans to amount to insignificance, nobody dreams of being stuck in shitty commutes to work and having a shitty job - or arguably worse, an average job - to look forward to.

the reality is, most everyone finds themselves there at some point. meaningless work life and unsatisfying personal lives aside, one of the most heartbreaking facets of these sad lives is knowing, remembering - that as a young child, you never dreamed you'd be working as a faceless business slave, a public transit worker, a sales associate at your local hardware store/supermarket/etc.

but even in the rarest scenarios - where you work hard, you find love, you have a beautiful life, and all goes well.. even worse than all of the cases of people condemned to insignificance and people who are going to be condemned to shitty, empty filler lives, there are people who manage to attain all of these things and then lose it all. the stories of immigrant families, where the parents go from having a ph.D in science or philosophy or law to sweeping floors at food basics and picking up shit..

who's to say anything different will happen to me?

why should i be any different?

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