• OMFG (pronoun, Om-fug) - Oh My Fucking God. Can be used to express surprised, ie 'Omfug, did you see that girl's skirt? Soo cute!' but tends to be used in a negative context, in the manner of 'Omfug I can't believe Justine is almost caught up to you on Country Story'
  • T3H (Tee-three-aytche) - The, can also be pronounced "teh" and used in its regular context, i.e. "did you see teh movie?" "I did it was great!"
  • LOLS (Lah-ls) - Laugh Out Loud. Replaces the laugh in a conversation, in response to something funny, i.e. "and then he said, GAY VAMPIRE!" "Oh LOL LOL LOL!"
  • ROTFLOLS (roh-tiff-lah-ls) - An even funnier version of LOLS.
  • YSL (Yis-sle, rhymes with Missle) - the late, great Yves Saint Laurent
  • GTFO (verb, Git-fo) - Get the Fuck Out. A variation on OMFG that can be used in a positive connotation, i.e. 'Boxing week sale at Forever 21!!' 'GTFO, that's AMAZING!!'
  • YRT (Yurt) - York Region Transit
  • TTC (Tit-see) - Toronto Transit Commission. Generally referring to the bus (because the subway is a subway... and streetcars are streetcars, duh)
  • TTYL (Tit-tle, rhymes with Little) - Talk To You Later. You know what means.
  • O D33R (Oh Dee-three-three-arr) - Oh dear. To be used in a mild state of panic, i.e. "O D33R I think mom is coming!"
  • G3ORG3 STR33T DIN3R (Gee-three-oh-arr-gee str-three-three-tee dine-three-arr) - The George Street Diner on Richmond & George St., home of the best apricot & ricotta stuffed french toast
  • BRB (Burb) - Be Right Back.
  • SP and LG (S-puh, and Lu-dge, rhymes with fudge) - Small/Petit, and Large/Grande, when referring to sizes, i.e. "I need this cableknit V-neck in a SP"
  • WTF (Whut-if, spoken fast so vowels are virtually unpronounced) - What the fuck. Spoken in an observatory/pouting manner, rather than aggravated, i.e. "WTF, this doesn't come in a SP" (see below)
  • O NO3S (Oh no-three-es) - oh noes
  • SRSLY (Sir-ssley) - Seriously, typically used in rhetorical questioning e.g. 'You have to leave? Srsly?' or to emphasize dramatic points; 'SRSLY? SHE BOUGHT YOU A JACKET? FUCKING SISTER'
  • T&T (Tint) - T&T Supermarket
  • BCBG (Bic-bijj) - Max Azria's BCBG Fashion Line, a.k.a. awesomeness in fabric form.
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