• Tom is amazing.
  • Tom is also really cute
  • I love skinny ties and Pumas. Lolol
  • I need to see 10 Things I Hate About You, ASAP
  • Summer was a cutie.
  • Summer rocked bangs. And that Katy Perry vibe.
  • Summer dressed well.
  • Summer was also an indecisive bitch.
  • RomComs are great. :)
  • Technically, she made it clear that she wasn't looking for anything, but [post-reading reviews], our feelings are basically meant to mimic Tom's as the movie plays in his perspective
  • Therefore; we love the idea of them together [THOUGH imo, she totally wasn't good enough!], just like Tom, but then we're totally crushed when she's not into it. Like Tom.
  • Autumn was not that cute. And also rocked a little bit of a Gigi Silveri [a la One Tree Hill] vibe.
  • Minka Kelly's pretty cool though
  • Was Keith Scott the man in the bar fighting with Tom?
  • Karaoke bars are adorable. No, not the ones that Korean kids hang out at with grody catalogs that are all plastic duotang'd, but actual white people bar ones.
  • I want a chalkboard wall installed in my apartment
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