it has occurred to me recently that my life feels empty. not that i'm not always doing something. not that i am. i busy myself with working and projects and yet i find myself trapped in this 1m x 1m deskspace and i'm not even confined to stay; i just DO IT. i don't think i feel the need to go out and go partying and do crazy shit with bunches of people. i'm not that. but i don't feel like i'm achieving anything and there is so much out there that i want to be ACHIEVING. why?

i have no clue. if i did.. i wouldn't be spending every day looking at clothes and graphic design and illustration and dribbble and logopond and doing homework eating yogurt and cereal in sweats and not being skinny and basically mildewing psychologically. shit, what the fuck am i going to do to feel awesome? i feel like i have no purpose in doing anything anymore.


nov 18 2011 ∞
nov 18 2011 +