o hai you,

so IF you listened (which i am trusting that you did! c:) to me, this letter should find you on your plane to africa. or, rather, germany, because i remember you mentioning a stopover there, but besides the point.

to start - i really, honestly do hope you know how wonderfully lovely the past several months have been, and just how much you've been a part of that. there are truly an innnumerable number of memories i could write into this letter; but for several reasons (that will be touched upon later), i'll refrain.

tonight, for example, the VERY night i am writing this, was no exception. at some point, everyone in my life has come to realize that i've always been a rather panicky and fairly melodramatic person who worries about many things, and can often fall into a ramble of psychobabble.

but ever since that night - weeks, months; a semester ago - when you walked over to that corner of the cyber lab, back by the table of isus past, and became a part of my life; i cannot recount the times you've

from your super (super) smooth introduction to late-night instant messages to history-bio texting and vimeo file shares; and later, afternoons with the book of questions, snuggly film nights, mod installations, and bunny meadows, that simple act of you being in my life began with that one, insignificant (in the moment) choice. and every day, i'm still thankful for it, because it's made all the difference.

no matter the weather or the problems, being around you seems to clear my head and make me laugh - even if it's been one of the shittiest days in weeks. you naturally make me so incredibly happy, and your unfaltering ability to make me smile in any circumstance is honestly unbelievable - without even trying; although i'm always grateful for your effort and patience with me. even if you don't know all of the answers, your wanting to help and simply being there is more than enough. and i think that's more than i can say for anyone else.

as you read this and gaze out at the clouds below, there is one more thing i want you to know. to this day, it still amazes (and amuses) me whenever you compliment me; describing me in these beautiful words and hugs and sans-serif electronic messages, and this is because i honestly believe all of those things are you. you are incredibly smart, and clever, and funny, and also M4D 1337; and i hope that you truly grow to believe that (ironic; you're usually telling me the same thing, but just imagine how you feel.. except the other way around. :D), because it's TRUE.

fffuuuuuu oh god to be honest, now that i'm kind of proofing this, i'm honestly kind of terrified.

jun 27 2011 ∞
jun 28 2011 +