• "Join us, leave your field to flower..." - Pippin
  • "Who will be part of my circus? Who will love me as I am?" - SideShow
  • "These are very popular in Italy - it's the land of naked marble boys.." - Light in the Piazza
  • "Burn the bridge, bet the store, babys coming home no more" - Thoroughly Modern Millie
  • "I thought I knew what love was, but these lovers play new music.." - Ragtime
  • "Men are stupid, men are vain, loves disgusting, loves insane." - A Little Night Music


  • "Do not, do not deny me.. my achilles heel." - New Pornographers
  • "Take these stars from my crown, let the years fall down.." - Jewel
  • "...and you're down to your last cigarette.." - Tori Amos
  • "Just wrap your legs round these velvet ribs and strap your hands cross my engines.." - Springsteen
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