In semi-chronological order, too!

  • Betsy Rubber Turtle
  • Rainbow (bitch cat who nearly blinded me in pre-school)
  • Holly (the wonder horse!)
  • Tika (my first dog!)
  • Dusty, Squeak, Bear, Roseanne, Pumpkin, Shelly, Dark Mike, Chuckle Mike (her puppies, from whence came the wonder that was..)
  • BUDDI (The Ultimate)
  • Pork Chop and Roadrunner (barn cats who arrived, from whence came the wonder that IS..)
  • Easter (white rabbit)
  • Harriett (guinea pig I saved from school)
  • Raja (pain in the ass horse)
  • Magenta, Riff, Aries, and 3 other fish (science project, 7th grade)
apr 19 2007 ∞
may 2 2007 +