Daily inspiration for a summer filled with love & light ☀

  • 6/1/2019: "It can be frustrating, and angering, and so deeply disappointing when our anticipated future doesn't play out as we had imagined in our minds. But, I have found that embracing the awkward transitions and periods in your life, when you are full of uncertainty and short on faith, is what brings the best growth. ¶ Lean into the discomfort. Take it as a challenge. Let the pressure devour you and spit you back out as the next best version of yourself that is stronger, more patient, more accepting, and more humble." –Julia West
  • 6/2/2019: Passwords by Dawes
  • 6/3/2019: Physical touch: the closeness of cuddling on the couch with my hand on his chest; his hand repeatedly rubbing my back; a precious squeeze and series of kisses on top of my head; sleepy looks; an easy gentleness to the evening
  • 6/4/2019: Brady and Skyler being playful puppies (caught on video), which totally proves that I can handle two dogs in my very small house
  • 6/5/2019: Words of affirmation: my physical and intellectual curiosity of the world; my steadfast belief in the benefit of the doubt of other people, holding myself and him to that belief; "family" and showing his cards
  • 6/6/2019: Two dog nights
  • 6/7/2019: Walking with my friend during work in the sunshine, a shared gratefulness for a well-paying job and positive workplace; quality time: long summer evenings in each other's arms filled with laughter and comfort; a Freudian slip and acceptance of the tongue: "married"
  • 6/8/2019: MisterWives and lead singer Mandy Lee's spark and energy
  • 6/9/2019: Spending time with family, particularly my niece and nephew who I don't see often enough, making them laugh, and sharing ice cream under the warm, June sun; the bittersweet feeling of missing someone
  • 6/10/2019: Returning to my gorgeous, clean house after a long day at work, feeling a strong sense of comfort and home
  • 6/11/2019: Sharing a birthday dinner with my 88-year-old grandma; a long walk in the neighborhood at sunset down a new-to-me street (Jordan Dr.)
  • 6/12/2019: A successful team meeting at work
  • 6/13/2019: Sleepy evenings at home with my cat
  • 6/14/2019: Feeling somewhat popular at work with several greetings and introductions; seeing Vampire Weekend for the first time and witnessing the groovy dance moves of guitarist Brian Robert Jones
  • 6/15/2019: The satisfaction and boredom of running out of housework to do at home; revisiting favorite film The Darjeeling Limited and loving it as much as ever
  • 6/16/2019: Homemade chocolate cake; seeing dad on Father's Day
  • 6/17/2019: Yoga with Elaine; cuddling
  • 6/18/2019:
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