"loki is an extraordinary character"

  • he's just a lost soul
  • he's raw. he's pure emotion
  • his heart is broken
  • he's tragic and misguided
  • he's self-possessed and he's come with a mission
  • he's arrogant and he's a psychopathic
  • he really is the black sheep of the family
  • he's evil and he's awful and a villain but he's human, ultimately
  • he is so many things
    • he's a shape-shifter
    • he's a prankster
    • he's an agent of chaos
    • he's a damaged, jealous, younger brother who feels betrayed and left out in the cold
    • he is that monster cackling on the rooftop
  • but he's also
    • vulnerable
    • sensitive
    • thin-skinned
    • and alone
  • he's crazy. but his craziness comes from a kind of emotional heartbreak
  • he has a glimmer of redemption somewhere at the heart of him
  • he feels cheated and betrayed by his brother, by the world
  • he's striving for identity, somehow a way of defining himself
  • he's really lost
  • he wants a place to call home
  • he wants to belong
  • he was brought up with the expectation that he was a king, he was born to rule
  • he's trying to refush in the earth into his own personal kingdom, in order to fulfill that sense of entitlement
  • what he really wants is self-respect.


  • his mischievous side appeals to me, because there is something quite charming about it
  • (on thor) they still have a history. and into loki's mind, that history is very much in the past
  • emotional heartache, destructive rage, jealousy, ambition, arrogance, tirany, psychological damage

to be continued heheho

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