• shirase kobuchizawa
    • i really love how determined and focused shirase is, how hard she worked to achieve her dreams, she is super cute and the way her personality goes from super shy to super loud in a matter of seconds is ADORABLE
  • kaede azusagawa
    • little sisters are the best. i loved how dependent kaede was on her brother and it made me want to protect her. i loved her interactions with the other girls, specially mai! and we don't talk about her ending ok
  • anzu
    • anzu lived as a homeless person as soon as she got to earth and learned about the value of money and having a house etc. this makes her that much more appreciative of people and good things that are offered to her. she's the cutest bestest little girl in the world i want to give her EVERYTHING
  • rin shima
    • i just really admire rin and i think she's a great representation for all of us introspective ppl. she is super responsible and independent for her age, has her own motorcycle license and goes around camping by herself ?? that's the goal right there.
  • bruno bucciarati
    • ok i know this was supposed to be a girls only list but i love bruno so much :(
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