if you have any jong suk fanfics that you've liked that i could add to this list please dm me on jongsuksarchive, thanks!

the ones with ♡ are the ones i recommend you read (the ones i like the most out of the ones from this list).


    • one shot
    • well written

tears of the ocean

    • "in the setting as a crew member that had been on-off dating Lee Jong Suk during the making of no breathing (the movie)"
    • one shot
    • third person

he wants you to move in

    • one shot
    • title says it all

living miracle

    • "a small one shot about a sunday morning with your boyfriend, jong suk."
    • one shot
    • fluff

dysnomia: The night order

    • ⤐ "dysnomia - named after the goddess of disorder, the organization was created to police the human world against the immortal realm. when top agent kim woobin was sent back to eoul to investigate the death of his former partner and pledged brother lee jongsuk, he had not expected to be assigned a partner; especially not one in the form of beautiful, dangerous, and absolutely off limits shin mina."
    • ⤐ a long fanfic
    • ⤐ finished (?)
    • ⤐ i've heard it's good
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