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"hey you know they are all the same.. you know you are doing better on your own.. so dont buy in live right now! just be yourself! it doesnt matter if its good enough for someone else"

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  • Cuddle, a lot
  • Watch fireworks together
  • Hold your hand
  • Have a pillow fight
  • Fall asleep in your arms
  • Build a blanket fort
  • Wake up to your face every morning
  • Make you breakfast in bed
  • Watch the sun set, then watch it rise again
  • Watch movies together
  • Kiss you in the pouring rain
  • Make an art piece together
  • Release floating lanterns
  • Kiss in the snow
  • Take silly photos
  • Get ice cream
  • Go to the designated highest point of Los Angeles and see the view
  • Listen to nice music
  • Bake a cake
  • Shower together
  • Pend a night on the beach
  • Go camping
  • Build a snowman
  • Spend hours on the phone
  • Take a cooking class together
  • Go to the beach
  • Go ice skating
  • Have a picnic
  • Kiss under the mistletoe
  • Ride a ferris wheel
  • Stargaze
  • Go to the aquarium
  • Watch all the pixar movies
  • Kiss underwater
  • Volunteer at pet shelter
  • Go hiking
  • Go fishing together
  • Go surfing
  • Go to the zoo
  • Get matching outfits
  • Make a scrapbook of memories
  • Dance in the rain
  • Have a food fight
  • Travel the world
  • Go horseback riding
  • Eat exotic foods
  • Kiss at midnight on New Years
  • Take a foreign language class together
  • Try new things
  • Eat pizza
  • Say Hi to strangers
  • Take naps
  • Wear matching shirts
  • Make Weird Faces
  • Hide from the Scary Parts in Scary Movies
  • Love endlessly
  • Write our own love story
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