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"hey you know they are all the same.. you know you are doing better on your own.. so dont buy in live right now! just be yourself! it doesnt matter if its good enough for someone else"

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  • thick, wavy mane of hair
  • your ability to talk to anyone
  • endless imagination
  • blush and flush your lips on demand
  • how you have great self-confidence and incredibly low self-esteem simultaneously
  • acceptance of loss
  • preparedness for the zombie apocalypse
  • reading slightly faster than normal
  • your vast knowledge of pop culture references
  • well read and written (despite being poorly spoken)
  • bad-ass baking skills
  • looking drunk when others take your picture
  • but pretty fucking brilliant when take them yourself
  • being able to take a hit and not quit
  • not being afraid of handling firearms
  • ability to quite literally sleep for days
  • making friends everywhere you go
  • loving everyone far more than you ought
  • the way you forgive every trespass against you
  • an utter lack of inhibitions
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