• you were just so freaking funny
  • i am so incredibly thankful for you and for your friendship during a time in my childhood that i was so miserable
  • you brought a boldness and hilarity to my life then that shines a bright light on that whole time that was actually so dark
  • you make me see that school as better and happier than what it was, because you were the bright spot
  • i have never laughed with a friend as much as with you
  • i have never been friends with someone as loud and funny and purely herself as you
  • your life was even more chaotic and scary than mine was, but you were resilient and happy and you made me want to be strong
  • you recognized that i was not as tough as you and instead of bullying me, you protected me
  • you convinced me that i didn't want to be liked by the kids who ostracized me anyway and that it was more fun when it was just us anyway
  • and you made so many jokes about those kids that i wasn't hurt anymore i just laughed to myself when i thought about them
  • you were never mean to your little sister and it made me ache for a big sister like you
  • when you had to switch classes because you threatened a girl at lunch over a pickle, i was so scared to not have you in class with me anymore
  • when i was sent to your class during testing, i'll never forget how much trouble we got in for laughing over our testing shields - they thought we were cheating, but we were just looking at each and making stupid faces and silly hand gestures and cracking up
  • i was devastated when i moved out of town for the summer and left behind my pencil case with your school picture in it
  • i somehow knew that we would never see each other again, that our lives were too different and it was just a fluke that we ever met to begin with
  • i found you on instagram after high school and realized you are exactly what i thought you would be as an adult - you're mature, peaceful, spiritual, independent, and still have a killer sense of humor
  • we may never be friends again, but you'll always have a special place in my heart
  • thank you
may 13 2020 ∞
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