• thank you for showing me that i can have a friend when i had given up hope
  • i used to pray to have a girl friend to watch the bachelor with and eat snacks and gab for hours and you came right along
  • you have always been so sweet and open and nice to me and i have always appreciated it
  • thank you for showing me that it's normal to want to hug your friends and be excited to see them and be vulnerable
  • thank you for being my hype friend - you are always telling me i'm cute and smiling at me and just making me feel like you genuinely like who i am, and that means everything to me
  • thank you for not being too cool for me or for anything, even though you're actually so cool
  • thank you for encouraging me to be more independent and showing me that i can have friends apart from my relationship that want nothing more from me than friendship
  • thank you for being considerate, compassionate, and observant about the things i struggle with
  • we are the only text conversation i know that takes a month to complete one conversation - and neither of us care
  • you're so down-to-earth that it makes me relax about all the things that i'm nervous about all the time
  • you are genuinely the best and i'm so glad we are friends
may 14 2020 ∞
may 15 2020 +