• if i say your nickname, it'll reveal your identity, but you know what it is
  • thank you for being my p.e. friend in high school, because i hated p.e. and i needed someone to hate it with me
  • when i told you later that i approached you because you were the only other fat girl, you laughed and laughed and that's how i knew we would be good friends
  • you were the only semi-normal high school friendship i had
  • we had sleepovers and pool days and walked to rite-aid to get ice cream and talked about boys (and girls) and gossiped and made fun of everyone else and shared music
  • you made me mac and cheese after swimming one day and i was floored at how much cheese you added to it (two cups of milk and two cups of cheddar) and you were adamant that spiral pasta mac and cheese is better than regular
  • we walked to park at night, sneaking out of your house, and it cracked me up how normal it all was
  • your boy drama and my girl drama were the most teenage friend thing i ever was a part of
  • you saw me crying on the bus that day and you asked what was wrong and i just looked at you with tears in my eyes and you nodded slowly and i turned back around
  • you were the first person that convinced me that i was funny because i could make you crack up so much
  • thank you for being my teen girl friend and for being so sweet to me
  • you're a mom now and you live out of town and i hope you're happy because you deserve it
may 13 2020 ∞
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