rosie is my cavalier king charles spaniel

  • she was born on january 6, 2016
  • she is from serendipity cavaliers in nebraska
  • she was the runt in a litter of six
  • we put a hold on her three hours after i saw the first picture of her, she was three days old
  • her original name was 'fannie'
  • she was shipped to me on march 3, 2016
  • we picked her up at the cargo terminals at LAX
  • we could hear her thumping her tail in her crate as soon as they brought her out
  • i was the first one to hold her
  • she was the sweetest angel from the moment we met

her favorite toys

  • sock ball, number 1 always
  • when she was a puppy, it was her kong toy with treats in it and her crinkly dragonfly
  • loves her tiny squeaky tennis balls
  • loves her lambie that semmi gave her

her tricks

  • sit
  • speak
  • high five, each paw
  • shake, each paw
  • bump it
  • peek a boo
  • turn around, each direction
  • down
  • crawl
  • roll over
  • bang bang (play dead)
  • gimme kisses
  • gimmie hugs
  • can wait to go on walk or during walk
  • wait for treat after you throw it
  • wait for treat on her paw laying down
  • wait for treat on her head
  • her release word is 'okay'

her favorite treats

  • goldfish
  • pretzels
  • chicken or turkey bits
  • cheese
  • the last bite of my ice cream
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