Hi, I'm Joao!!! You can call me however you want though. I was born on 11/01/1997 and I'm from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Feel free to use any pronoun to refer to me.

I really enjoy writing. I haven't written anything in English yet, but I'm thinking about starting something (you can follow me on medium.com/@senpai_viana) and on twitter (senpai_viana).

I'm really busy during day time, mostly at the university so it's kinda hard to talk to me during week days. Twitter is the social media where I feel most free to talk whatever I think. I have a vent account too, if you want to follow me there DM me so I give the user to you. My curiouscat is always open to questions and confessions.

If you support fat shaming, racism, capacitism, lgbtphobia, psychophobia or any prejudice at all, please don't follow me. So please rethink what you're texting so we can understand each other better.

I like animes, movies, some K-pop groups... I like most or all music genres so feel free to share what you like with me. Hope we can get to know each other well <3

oct 7 2016 ∞
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