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  • voluntary work in Israel + other countries
  • to have at last one publication (please!) to be a published writer in a sort of way
  • to be free as much as possible
  • visit the lock bridge in Paris(eu literalmente nao lembro pq mudaram de lugar e nao é mais Pont des Arts)


  • comer carré de carneiro
  • comer algum prato de carne de carneiro preparada com mel
  • comer macaroni
  • comer comida mexicana (variaçoes pf)
  • comer shawarma
  • comer kebab
  • to have a cat
  • .....


  • to move out, live in another city even if it is just for a couple years. I intend to move to sao paulo
  • a heart shaped necklace with the photo of whom i love
  • 2 degrees
  • eu quero ser funcionario publico caraii
dec 25 2019 ∞
mar 5 2021 +