These will make no sense to anyone besides the person who the joke is with but they make me laugh so I typed them out and I put who the joke is with next to it.

  • "Dan!"- Ellen Elizabeth Stark.
  • "Gary. *Julia uncontrollably starts laughing for no reason.*"-Ellen.
  • "Feathers!!"- Ellen Elizabeth Lambert :P
  • "You were an fat Asian baby, Ellen!!" -Ellen Elizabeth Stark.
  • "Taylor Lautner is hot and all but I just don't know if I'd eat waffles off his abs." -Ellen Elizabeth Stark
  • "Julia you're weird. You act like you are drunk...drunk from nighttime or something. You're night drunk!" - Jacob little-brother-to-Ellen Stark.
  • "If I seen him on the street...I'd die. Cause Of Death: Tom Welling. More specific, Tom Welling's hottness." -Erica cousin-of-Ellen Stark.
  • "I was promised a Mexican Teddy Geiger!" -Ellen Elizabeth Stark
  • "You're Snow White and I'm Cinderella." -Meredith Erin Thornton.
  • "Just realize, if you guys go out, I'll take all the credit for it. Even though I had nothing to do with it besides suggesting it. I will take credit!"- Meredith ERIN Thornton.
  • "You're on the phone with Jesus and he's upset. He's going off about someone that you did." -Meredith Erin Thornton.
  • "Fedora! He has my fedora. We are meant to be!!" -Meredith Erin Thornton.
  • "Meredith is having a baby...Julia's room...It's been in there for like over a year."- Meredith Erin Thornton.
  • "Let's like just slow dance while they are playing musical chairs, it's taking forever." -Meredith Erin Thornton.
  • "Yeah, my middle name is Kelsey's mom's name but with an E." "So basically Lynn-eeee."- Rebekah Lynn-eeee Moon
  • "Rebekah? Fine, your name is Jajulia then." -Rebekah Lynn-eeee Moon.
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