• i think the moon is really
  • the sun going to bed
  • putting on a blanket made of fairy dust
  • that falls into dreams
  • whispers comfort into our fingers
  • and sometimes
  • the dust beckons
  • the fairy inside of us leaps
  • and falls in love with who we are
  • because we don't really love the mirror
  • until we can see ourselves
  • from the outside
  • so the fairy
  • unbound by the physical
  • unchained by the mental
  • completely spiritual
  • will rest in our ear
  • will weave itself into our hair
  • will nestle in the crook of your neck
  • tell us stories that cheer us
  • and remind us what it's like
mar 1 2013 ∞
mar 1 2013 +
  • leggings (patterned, solid color, and on)
  • sweaters (patterned, solid color, lace, cotton, long, short, and on)
  • boots
  • sneakers (as in real running shoes)
  • tights (sheer, semi-opaque, patterned, and on)
  • beanies (the only one i have... i've never tried any other)
  • flip flops (rainbows, old navy)
  • shorts (high waisted, solid color, patterned, lace, baggy, tight, and on)
  • outerwear (jackets, vests, cardigans, and on)
  • military
  • muted colors
feb 27 2013 ∞
feb 27 2013 +
  • my home reminds me of the soft muted yellow color
  • my home is most beautiful when it's basked in sunlight
  • we have an awesome balcony thing
  • the backyard makes me feel cozy but i'm afraid of bug bites
  • boys are not as smooth here
  • people don't party a lot
  • the sky is beautiful
  • nature is real
  • i found God here
  • people don't like to be friends with you when you haven't known each other your whole lives
  • everything is far apart
  • you can't walk ANYWHERE because it's not set up on a grid system
  • it's easy to get lost in the trees and i love it
  • everywhere i go, i can picture a movie sc...
feb 27 2013 ∞
feb 27 2013 +
  • my favorite color is red
  • i like daisies and sunflowers
  • i adore a good book
  • the only tea i like my momma's lemon tea.
  • the only tea i've ever had is my momma's lemon tea
  • i am korean
  • i come from a family of fighting for what i believe in, of strength, of love that surpasses all, of Christ and of sacrifice
  • i am more like my mother than i know
  • i am more like my father than i know
  • i like simple sentences
  • i am inspired easily
  • i am afraid
  • my favorite animal is an elephant because they never forget
  • one of my biggest fears is becoming hardhearted
feb 27 2013 ∞
feb 27 2013 +
  • moleskin notebooks (no lines, lines)
  • flowers (daisies, sunflowers, and tea roses especially)
  • shoes (black combat boots, vans, high tops, rainbows)
  • socks (knee high, normal)
  • books (nonfiction, fiction, historical, self-help, diy, autobiography, research, and on)
  • DVD's (reference movie list)
  • polaroid film (fujifilm instax mini 7s)
  • a video of all my loved ones (california & georgia)
  • a long letter (mailed, hand-delivered)
  • a hug
  • a balloon (or lots)
feb 27 2013 ∞
mar 1 2013 +
  • how do you know
  • play the game
  • the little mermaid
  • the little mermaid II
  • tarzan
  • beauty and the beast (sometimes)
  • tangled (sometimes)
  • mulan
  • bambi
  • cinderella
  • sleeping beauty
  • pocahontas
  • the parent trap
  • snow white (sometimes)
  • lion king
  • lion king II
feb 27 2013 ∞
feb 27 2013 +