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  • go on a roadtrip
  • spend a night together
  • watch a sunrise/sunset together
  • have a snowy day batcouple date
  • visit amish country
  • ride the kingda ka TOGETHER
  • go to six flags' frightfest
  • race at V17
  • get piss drunk --> work out
  • NYE + ball drop at times square
  • watch the entire grey's anatomy series
  • watch a pacquiao fight together
  • wii game day
  • spend an afternoon playing boy games (NBA live, fight night, etc)
  • get on a plane together
  • ride the megabus to dc or philly
  • go biking in hudson park or battery park
  • have a picnic at central park
  • take zoe to juniper park
  • go swimming at the school pool
  • go to spa castle for a whole day
  • finally try the hudson river cruise at night
  • take the AC chinatown bus back and forth
  • visit the liberty science center
  • do the whole NYC tourist thing
jan 2 2010 ∞
nov 6 2010 +