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hi im kalon, im hamilton + heathers trash and i love my smellyass boyfriend

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hello! my name is kalon!

i'm not anything special, just a stupid vegan kid who's obsessed with furbies and musicals that happens to have a computer and a mouse with which to draw. i'm 14 and i'm a demiboy, and i accept he/him pronouns! i'm pansexual and i'm dating the best boy in the whole world. i'm a big kinnie and i kin black domesticated cats, lionblaze from warrior cats, and charlie from all dogs go to heaven! i love hamilton, in the heights, and heathers the musicals! they make me rlly happy :") i have 19 furbies and i love each and every one. i have three mice, three dogs, a ball python, and a bearded dragon who i love very much! if you talk to me about them i'll be very happy hehe. you can find me on most websites under the username jurassiccaa(on toyhouse im puptine)! if you wanna talk to me don't be afraid to, i'd love to talk with you and i love making friends!! my main fursonas are charlie, kalon, kodaline and morgan (you can see them on!)

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