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elle follows:
  • If You Go Chasing Rabbits ♡ | sekai | college!au | smut
    • Jongin keeps having strange dreams about one of his classmates.
  • Lusus Naturae | sekai | mutant!au | romance
    • In which Sehun is born with occult and power to bend weather. His atmokinetic Flair strikes him a ticket to the most prestigious mutant academy in the world—Flairers' Academia.
  • Letters to You... | sekai | angst | disability!au
    • He is just Kai's friend's betrothed. One that never really notices Kai. But Kai on the other hand is in love with him. It is never going to work out anyway. A working-class mute boy won't stand a chance with the straight, rich heartthrob.
  • Good Boy | sekai | smut
    • Jongin wants to see how many times he can make Sehun come.
  • Fermata the Blue | sekai | intern!au | smut
    • Sehun immediately feels threatened by the new intern. He's used to being the only hot young intern, and the addition of a second might make him irrelevant. He decides the only solution is to give the poor new guy a really hard time. But Jongin's got a few of his own tricks up his sleeve.
  • are you rich, are you poor "it depends on your heart" | college!au | fluff
    • jongin and sehun, stylish millennials in love
  • Transparent Water "Please See Through Me" | college!au | age gap
    • Jongin has been Sehun’s Korean language tutor since high school, unfortunately no matter what he does, the oblivious man only sees him as a student, not a man actively trying to catch his romantic interest.
  • Connection | sekai | college!au | smut
    • A drunk hookup between Sehun and his dorm mates boyfriend can prove their connection is better than the one the couple shares or Sehun and Taemin hate each other but Sehun likes Taemin's boyfriend Jongin, a drunk hookup ensues.
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