• Indigo/blue

  • Black

  • Silver

  • Yellow


  • Indigo/blue & black

  • Indigo/blue & silver/light grey

  • Black and silver/light grey

  • Indigo/blue and yellow

  • Yellow and grey/silver

may 9 2017 ∞
sep 7 2017 +
user picture opal: Indigo is a gorgeous color, isn't it? may 30 2017
user picture Just Jam: It really is. I've managed to annoy my mum by going on about it so much XD. may 31 2017
user picture pinkfleur: Beautiful colors all of them. Silver and gray are underappreciated colors, especially gray. jun 6 2017
user picture Just Jam: I really think grey/silver creates a nice contrast with darker colours, without being as bright and jarring as pure white can sometimes be.