• Mommy (2014)
  • Beautiful Noise (2014)
  • Pulp (2014)
  • Eden (2015)
  • The Witness (2015)
  • Mustang (2015)
dec 24 2012 ∞
dec 12 2015 +
user picture soph: i want to see the bling ring so badly, definitely not just because bankrupt by phoenix is on the soundtrack :p jun 16 2013
user picture justyna: Yes, I'm really excited about it too, it's Sofia Coppola after all! I didn't actually know that this song was on the soundtrack but it does make sense that she would use their song because she's married to the lead singer. By the way, I absolutely loved it how she used Love Like A Sunset in her movie Somewhere! jun 18 2013
user picture soph: of course of course. lost in translation will still be the best for me forever though, but somewhere was really great wasn't it. i should watch it again!
user picture justyna: I think Lost in Translation was my favourite too. It certainly had the best soundtrack: My Bloody Valentine, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Death in Vegas, Air. So many perfectly placed songs!