• 08 aug: bokurano (weeps everywhere), ikimonogakari, game of thrones (ssn 7), future planning, ayurveda hair care, personal finance, financial literacy, gaiaonline, art shop, drawing for others, easing into drawing regularly, boku no hero acadamia
  • 09 sept: drawing again in earnest, gaiaonline, twitter, Krita/Clip Studio Paint, artistic inspiration, potential conventions (setsucon), sketching daily, more active on twitter and possibly instagram (in the future), hair supplements, grey hairs, caffeine (cold brew/latte), working from home more, exercisng regularly, snacking more, did not sleep well for a few days, regularity issues, planning out when to submit 2 wk notice
    • the movie it(2017), /filmcast liked one of my tweets about the mother! review, salt & honey podcast and storytelling talk, prince of egypt (weeps everywhere), my hero acadamia (ssn1-2), voltron (ep 1-7), utada hikaru - nijikan dake no vacance song & mv is perfect, feast for a king webcomic
    • art inspirations: kinteru (twtr), toiek (tumblr), kayoubi088 (tumblr)
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