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Any good source will tell you that we Bobbins are derranged at best, and at least the best thing that ever happend to them.

  • Indecisiveness (yes it runs in the family)
      • Are you hungry? Response: I don't know. Has everyone else eaten?
      • Do you want to live or die? Response: Well, what does everyone else feel like doing?
  • Always being oblivious to everything
      • Other people seem to think we have conversations with them more often than we actually do.
      • After noticing that the stash of alcohol in the house was greatly depleted, it took 15 seconds to convince my father that he drank it all.
  • Creativity
      • We are never bored. And neither is anyone that comes over. Which brings up a point that our house is probably the most exciting place in this damn town.
      • We find enjoyment in breaking things. Sadly, we're the last people you will ever find in a prision. Maybe we're just clever.
      • We don't like to follow the rules. We don't sleep. And most of the time we don't eat. Except for the occasional 3a.m. McDonalds run.
  • Lax Security
      • Most of our company arrives after midnight.
      • The same company tells their parents they'll only be staying with us for a few hours, and they end up staying two days. It's probably a good thing no one in our house answers the phone.
      • Typically, no one really knows just how many people are taking residence in our house. "We're you at the Bobbin's last weekend?" "No, no I don't think so." "Ah, we didn't cross paths... figured I'd ask, you never know."
  • Mathematics
      • We are abnormally talented in the field of mathematics. How unfortunate that we hate it.
  • Driving Skills
      • Driving under 100mph is a bore.
      • As is driving on the right side of the highway.
      • Fact: combined, we've never gotten as single ticket.

The sky's the limit, my friend.

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