• oh god, what did I eat today?
  • shit...it's not something I ate.
  • fuck fuck fucking fucker fuck fuck triple fuck fuck fuck shit balls mother fucking shit fucker fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
  • WHY
  • there's a black bear doing summersaults in my tummy
  • I wonder if I could open all of my major arteries with my teeth...then I wouldn't even have to get up
  • I would rather catch wild fish with my teeth for 12 hours than go through THIS.
  • I am sleeping on the bathroom floor like a dying drug addict. What has my life come to?
  • The horror, the horror!
  • It's high time to release all hopes of a painless death and accept the imminent oncoming of unforeseen torment.
jul 20 2012 ∞
dec 4 2012 +