• "Cheese curls are not vegan, so I could never be vegan."
  • "Is 'boxes of ashes' insensitive? I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT DEATH!"
  • "Did you know Joy Division is a real band?"
  • "Where's ghetto university?"
  • "I’ve gone through so many mini identity crises, and by doing so I’ve become more, er, diverse. Like- punk, prep, geek, emo, hippie, artsy-folk, old skool, indie, etc… I’ve done it all in the past 7 years."
  • " I got to go to my favorite place to eat or go ever- Panera Bread!"
  • "The leaves were perfectly colored with warm tones, and the sky looked like what you would get if you poured light blue, white, and grey paint all over an area and swirled it together with a toothpick."
  • "Fall wouldn’t be the same without Sufjan Stevens, and neither would I."
  • "I didn't find my true self until 2004, so anything that happened before then is irrelevant."
  • "I hooked up with an ambiguous freshman at Wendy's."
  • "I've met so many of best friends at Sunoco."
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